5 Tips To Choose Your Perfect Piano

5 Mistakes Beginners Make On The Piano
April 28, 2017

Choosing a piano is like choosing a television. They look identical to one another yet there is always some subtle differences among them. It is no wonder why many people feel lost when they were asked to pick a piano.

To help you along, I will provide you with 5 simple tips to help you choose your perfect piano.



Tip 1 : Determine Your Budget

Firstly, you need to determine your budget. While the actual price of a piano may vary depending on the brand and quality,  generally, this is how much a piano cost:

Below $1000

Between $1000 to $14000

Above $14000

Electronic Keyboards

Upright Piano

Grand Piano

Upright Piano

After deciding on a budget, there are 4 main considerations to think about next. They are : Space, Commitment , Sound and Touch.

Tip 2: Space

Among the 3 types of piano ( upright, grand and keyboard ) , the one that takes up the least amount of space is quite unarguably the keyboard. It is followed by the upright piano and lastly the grand piano.

Space constraint is a huge factor to take into consideration when buying piano for the first time.

Like buying a new furniture, you need to ensure you have space for your piano. Do not be tempted to get a grand piano only to find out later that it could not fit through your main door.

Tip 3: Commitment

Next, your commitment level plays a huge part in your decision on your choice of piano. If you are sure that you will be playing the piano for the rest of your life, an upright or grand piano would be the best choice. They produce very high quality acoustic sound and can last for a long time ( if maintained well ).

But what if you are just starting out and you are unsure of your commitment level?

In an blog post – How To Choose A Piano by Matt, he suggests that “ a decent quality keyboard often suits the needs and context of many piano students. It’s important that you have something to practice on, and for many students this is a way to get started with less money than and upright or grand piano.

I agree to his point of view but just take note that a keyboard , regardless of its quality, will never have that real acoustic sound and touch that comes from an upright piano or grand piano. In another words, you get what you pay for.

Tip 4: Sound

Different piano and keyboards produce different sound. This may sound surprising to you if you had always thought that all piano produce the same sound.

The sound produced in a piano (upright and grand piano) is determined by a variety of factors which may include the type of wood used for the piano, the hammer and the sound board. These combines with the delicate craftsmanship of the piano makers ultimately affects the quality of sound produced by each piano.

Some piano produces a bright tone when the keys are pressed whereas others produce a more mellow tone. Neither is better. It is just up to your personal preference at this point. My personal tip is for you to try out the different pianos at your local shops and find the one that produces the sound which most appeals to you.

And if you are looking into getting a keyboard, just note that different keyboard may produce different sound depending on its individual make and model. Furthermore, their sound is usually pre-recorded and as a result, lacks the full acoustic quality of a upright or grand piano.

Tip 5: Touch

Lastly, like sound, each piano has a different touch to its keyboard. Some piano keys are heavier to press whereas others feel extremely light weight.

At this point, it is just your preference to decide which feels good to play. I just want to bring into your awareness that not all piano keys feels the same.

Recommendations For Beginners

With the above 5 pointers, you can now set out to start finding your piano from your local stores with confidence that you will find something that will motivate you to play the piano for a long time.

Note: if you just wish to have something basic to practice on for now and would want a quick recommendation for a beginner piano, you can check out this electronic keyboard – Yamaha P-45 from Amazon ( ~$600) .

It has realistic sound and good touch. Given that it is a keyboard, it takes up little space and it is suitable for beginner pianist who wish to have something to practice on. If you feel that you are willing to commit to piano playing, consider upgrading to an upright piano or even a grand piano!

I wish you good luck in your piano finding endeavors



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