6 Strategies To Help You Feel Motivated To Play Piano

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April 29, 2017
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April 29, 2017

Playing the piano is hard. Having a need to spend hours in front of a keyboard to play notes repeatedly can be a very boring task.

Recently, I had came across this article by Alicia Baker – TIPS TO STAY MOTIVATED FOR PIANO PRACTICE . She had shared 6 tips to help one feel motivated to practice on the piano.

Let me share with you how you can use the 6 tips to feel motivated to practice after watching my piano tutorials.


Baby Steps

Do not attempt to play through my entire tutorial at one seating. I do not think it is a feasible plan to begin with. Rather, you should break down the tutorial into parts.

Learn 1 part at a time. You can even break it down further by focusing on only the right hand so that you can learn the notes correctly.

List out the steps like this and check each goals out once you accomplish them

  1. play right hand
  2. play left hand
  3. play both hand
  4. play part 1
  5. repeat step 1 to 3 for part 2 etc.


Consistency Is Key

In my previous post on How Long Should I Practice A Day On The Piano? , I had mentioned that you should practice for about 1 hour a day. if that feels taxing to you, you can even just practice for 30mins a day. The idea here is to ensure that you can do it consistently for many days to come without wearing yourself out.


Play Music That You Enjoy

Occasionally, try to find other pieces to play from youtube. you can use what you had learnt in my article and apply it to other tutorials too.

If you are interested to look for some Easy Piano music scores to play, you can click on the link to search for your favourite pieces.


Set Small Goals For Yourself Every Week

It is likely that you will take a week or more to complete part 1 of my piano tutorials. if so, write down your goals such as – to complete tutorial part 1 by end of week . This way, you will have something to work for and it ensures that you are on a consistent track.


Take A Stretch Break

Sitting for long periods of time in front of the piano can be tiring. Learn to take a stretch break before resuming your practice. A tiring practice definitely is not motivating.


Perform Regularly

This is one tip that I used consistently. As I do not have anyone to play for at home. I record my piano and uploads to my youtube channel. In one way, it allows me to check on my playing. On the other hand, it feels like I am playing for a wide audience. Knowing that some one out there will be listening to my playing motivates me to want to perfect my recordings.

You may try it out yourself too and perhaps you will feel motivated to play the piano everyday.

Make full use of these 6 strategies and focus on your goal to becoming a better piano player.



*Watch my online piano tutorial videos to learn how to play piano without reading a single music note. If you are interested, grab a copy of my personal tips on piano playing and hand coordination and I will see you there.

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