Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Beginner’s Kit

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April 28, 2017
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April 29, 2017


Learning how to play the piano as an adult can be quite a daunting challenge. Your fingers are much stiffer now and you may also feel that you require more time and practice in order to see improvement in your piano playing.

Many adult learners actually wishes to have a book that is simple enough to start but provides enough content that fully encompasses your learning needs.

To be honest, such a book is quite difficult to find and so far, I had only found this book that fits that bill- Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Beginner’s Kit

This book is suitable for adults of all ages and it adopts the same friendly and informative style for adults who wish to teach themselves.

It will teach you every major aspects of music from basic principles of theory to the pronunciation of foreign terms commonly used in music scores. These new found knowledge will give you the skills needed to read a music score on your own and translate that to piano playing.

The best part is that this book also includes a CD that features the 65 musical examples and an accompanying DVD that includes an introduction to all the pages in the book and performances of the pieces by well-known teacher, Gayle Kowalchyk.

Lastly, the book includes a two-sided fold-out keyboard chart that shows the entire keyboard of the piano with each piano key named and its corresponding note on the grand staff for five octaves. Side One may be placed on the piano above the keys and Side Two may be used away from the piano for additional review. This useful chart will ensure that you spend lesser time finding notes on the piano and spend more time playing it instead.

Needless to say, the amount of value you will get from this book is tremendous and I highly recommend it to you.

Do check out this book if you want to challenge yourself !

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Alfred’s Self-Teaching Adult Piano Beginner’s Kit
For Adults of All Ages. This edition: Books, CD, DVD & Keyboard Chart. Book; CD; DVD; Method/Instruction; Other; Piano – Alfred’s Adult Method. Alfred’s Self-Teaching. Published by Alfred Music (AP.42340).



Note: I do not sell the book personally and I am only recommending it for those of you who wishes to learn piano faster. Whether you buy the book or not, you are welcomed to drop me an email for any questions you have regarding music. I will try my best to answer you.

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