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April 28, 2017
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April 29, 2017

At the end of my article – 7 tips on piano playing and hand coordination , I had placed this picture of the letter names for each piano keys.

Although you are not required to read any music scores for my tutorials, it is still useful to know the letter names of each key. It is easier to tell you to play the F key rather than the 4th white key from the left – I am contemplating to add letter names into my future tutorials so you can see exactly what notes I play.

But for now , I just want to clarify the names of the black keys.

You would realize that each black keys had 2 names. These are not typo errors. They do indeed have 2 names.

For example, the first black key from the left is called C Sharp ( C# ) or D flat (Db) .

(by the way, # in music is a shorthand for the term  ‘sharp’ , it is not called hashtag ; so therefore there is no such thing as C hashtag )

Similarly on the 2nd black key, it is called D sharp ( D# ) or E flat ( Eb ) . The same naming convention holds true for the remaining 3 black keys.

I hope this clarifies the misleading 2 names on the black keys. Exactly why and when to use which name is beyond the scope of this article for now.




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